Baby Doll


Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

Adult – Thriller

Published July 12th 2016 by Redhook




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In A Dark, Dark Wood


In a Dark, Dark Wood – Ruth Ware /// Fiction – Mystery

I really don’t have a lot to say about this book. It was just okay as story goes and you can probably guess the whodunnit pretty quickly. I guessed it half-way through but it was still fun to see how the characters got to that point.

The story centers around Lenora, or Nora as she goes by now. She writes crime mystery novels and really only leaves her house to go on her daily run. She is what many would call a loner, well more a hermit, and she likes it that way. Out of the blue she gets an email inviting her to a hen/bachelorette party for a friend she has not spoken to since high school. Nora doesn’t consider going until she recognizes another name on the invitation list. The old friends decide to bite the bullet and go together. The party is hosted at a secluded cabin in the woods and mystery ensues. Well really some murder and a lot of adults acting like children. This story would have made more sense to me if it was teenagers in a cabin for a party or something to that effect, not adults who stopped maturing at age 14. I think talking specific behavior would be a spoiler so talk to me after you’ve read this.

The book was good, I was just hoping for more. The writing is what saved this for me. Specifically her setting of the atmosphere and scene. Really, for as quick of a read as this is, it is worth reading for the scenery description alone. I felt as if I was trapped in the cabin surrounded by only the woods and the snow along with the party goers. The claustrophobic feeling is something Nora struggles with the entire novel even before her time in the cabin and I felt that too. Because of Ruth Ware’s beautiful description I was able to relate to Lenora and understand her actions a little bit, sorta.

Favorite Quotes

“The night was drawing in, and the house felt more and more like a glass cage, blasting its light blindly out into the dusk, like a lantern in the dark. I imagined a thousand moths circling and shivering, drawn inexorably to its glow, only to perish against the cold inhospitable glass.”


No, but I don’t really read mysteries again anyway. This book is definitely for people who love an easy novel that doesn’t take much thought.