About Me

My Reading Philosophy – Because I’m a cool cat who has one

Don’t Waste Time Reading Awful Books

I have friends who don’t set out to read bad books but they do. One in particular *cough* Katie *cough* is notorious for pushing through a bad book because she doesn’t want to be a quitter. Nobody wants to admit to their snooty friends that they couldn’t get through a book that everyone else enjoyed. I however, give absolutely zero fucks about this. (Sorry, I swear sometimes).

If I’m reading a book and get so bored that I have no desire to see how it ends, I quit and find something else. If I semi-care how it ends but can’t make through chapters without being bored outta my mind, I skim. I have zero shame in doing this and think more people should.

So my blog is going to be filled with books I finished, and if I finished it I had to at least like it a little. Obviously I can finish a book and not like it, but it had to be engaging enough for me to want to finish it (or not be dumb until the end when I was already in too deep). I’m not over here quitting every other book I read. So this blog will center on the books I like (for the most part) because really who wants to read a blog centered on every book that sucks, although that sounds kind of fun to write.


I’m Bri. I’m a 23 year old recent college graduate with an English degree and job in hand (high five to all the haters that said I had to teach for my degree to be marketable). When I’m not reading or working I can usually be found frequenting breweries like the old townies who are going for cheap craft beer, or stuffing my face with chips&guac&salsa while watching Netflix. There is no in between. Most days are spent sitting on my deck or curled up on the couch reading a book.

So What Do I Read?

Everything. I know that’s the super lame response but it’s true. I spent so much time being told what to read in college that I feel like now I’m playing catch-up. Books that came out a year ago I just had the chance to read last week. So I’m trying to balance new releases and new releases from 2013 so please bear with me and even if you read something awhile ago that I just read, comment. I love book discussions and when I read older books the discussions tend to drop off. Plus, without any of you commenting the only person I have to discuss books with is my mom.

Favorite Books

This is a tough one because I have this, let’s call it eclectic, taste where together none of these books will make sense next to one another on a bookshelf. So let’s just say these are the books I could reread and never get bored of.

Adult Fiction: Downtown Owl, Firefly Lane, Invisible Monsters, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Where the Heart Is, Slaughterhouse-Five, Wise Blood, And Then There Were None.

Adult Nonfiction: Brain on Fire, I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell, Fargo Rock City, Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, Into Thin Air, A Moveable Feast.

YA Fiction: Someone Like You, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist, The Hobbit, The Outsiders.

This blog is a place where I can review books and remember the things I loved about them. Hopefully, meet other people who liked them, or didn’t like them, and just nerd out together about all things books. It is also a creative outlet for me so there will be random discussions about books, movies, music, or just random ranting sessions. I read and review mostly anything (a lot of adult and YA fiction) and some non-fiction (mostly creative nonfiction). So stop by and say Hi, I’m super friendly I promise.

Email Me at transportedbybooks@gmail.com I love book suggestions or just chatting

Here is my goodreads although I am notoriously bad at keeping it current and being active in the community (I know I suck) I do however keep and updated list of what I read starting January 2015. For awhile I forgot I had an account, then I just forgot to update it, (again, I know I suck).


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