I’m mildly excited if you can’t tell. You’re The Worst is one of those shows that makes me simultaneously makes me feel better but also to be friends with all of these people.

Quick Synopsis: You’re The Worst on FXX really boils down to the progression of the relationship between Gretchen and Jimmy. They get together in the first episode and that’s really that. Everything that follows is really a depiction of how awful they are and why that makes them perfect. Also, they have Sunday Fundays.


So I thought it would be fun to put together a list of books to read that have that same dark humor that sometimes just even isn’t funny as much as it is sad. 

Books For When You’re Feeling Like A Jimmy. Or a Narcisistic Man-Child who can’t write a second novel after his first bust of “Congratulations, You’re Dead.” Spends most of his days drinking and watching NCIS.youre-the-worst-pics




Books For Wtumblr_nxqkwlbomC1qc641to2_250hen You’re Feeling Like A Gretchen. You are the only one in your group of friends with a real job and it still allows you to spend your days at the bar. You live in constant fear of having the boring “all-american” life



A Book For When You’re Feeling Like A Lindsey. You’re not the brightest bulb in the bunch but you have a good heart, kinda. You’re the stereotypical single male sidekick except you’re female.

  • Choke by Chuck Palahniuk


A Book For When You’re Feeling Like an Edgar. You served your country and are the most self-aware and genuinely caring person in your friend group. You have PTSD from you time in war but always put other’s needs befotumblr_nv1gfgOMtS1uzlmbho1_500re your own.





As comedic and bland as I’m sure I just made this show seem I promise you it is not. The characters are real and flawed and are aware of their flaws. And once you get past the set-up, it does address very real issues in a very real way. The biggest being the arc in season 2 where Gretchen struggles with her depression and Jimmy struggles with not being able to fix her.  And this season Samira Wiley (still crying over Poussey) is introduced as Gretchen’s much needed therapist. So here’s the trailer. Somebody please love this show with me!



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