Mini Review: Huntley Fitzpatrick

So I’ve been catching-up and reading a lot of YA books that I’ve had backlogged lately. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick was one of those books and I’m still obsessing over it. It was cute and sweet and had all the makings to be a cheesy YA romance. So here’s my mini reviews for My life Next Door and it’s sorta-kinda-not really sequel, The Boy most Likely To.


My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

YA – Contemporary

Published June 14th 2012 by Dial Books For Young Readers






Samantha is a Reed. From a upper-class family, her and her sister were raised by their single mom with a trust fund who worked her way up to becoming a state senator. When the Garretts move in next door they are everything her family isn’t. With 8 children they are loud, messy, and affectionate with one another, the complete opposite of the sterile environment she was raised in. She spends 10 years watching them from her rooftop wishing they were her family. When Jase Garrett comes into her life everything she’s ever known gets turned upside down.


I think what I fell in love with most was the lack of angst. When done right teen angst is great, but with everything else going on in their lives and their backgrounds it was nice to just see them in the world as almost-adults. Their teenage angst was almost non-existent and drama din’t seem to follow them around. It was refreshing and different because they felt age appropriate, not too mature that it’s unbelievable but not immature annoyingness either.

Everything I loved about this book felt very out of place with the big event. The conflict with this incident just felt so over-the-top and out of place. I think it could have been more interesting to focus more on Samantha’s conflict with her mom outside of manufactured drama. I don’t want to give too much away here so I’m being vague but if you’ve read this you know what I mean. I understand those events happen but they just didn’t feel real at all.

Overall this book put a smile on my face and I can appreciate that. It was adorable and light and perfect to read in one afternoon by the lake.




The Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Contemporary – YA

Published August 18th 2015 by Dial Books



Tim Mason was always The Boy Most Likely to find the liquor cabinet, need a liver transplant, and never graduate high school. Alice Garrett is the girl who would never consider dating her little brother’s mess of a best friends, until she does. Nothing about their relationship makes sense but it works for them. They each have their own family drama but they continue to fall for one another in ways they never imagined.


I actually loved this more than My Life Next Door. I think it’s because Samantha and Jase both came off as very vanilla, always do the right thing people. Which is great and they were adorable but Tim and Alice both made mistakes repeatedly and felt like actual friends you would have. I was constantly rooting for them and even when they made a bad decision they were always active participants in their lives. They were aware of their flaws and for me that’s the best kind of character

Overall I’m glad I read and will definitely be reading Fitzpatrick’s other book later this summer, preferably on a boat with a margarita in hand.


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