Ten Books I Bought on a Whim


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Week’s Topic is Books I Read Without Having Them Recommended To Me

It’s been so long since I’ve wandered into a bookstore and just made notes of books to buy without really reading reviews or having them recommended to me first. Very randomly are my picks shots in the dark.. So here are the books I’ve read semi-recently but really that I read because I saw them at one point and thought they looked interesting or I liked the summary slash cover, no strong recommendation included.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King: I know this doesn’t seem that “randomy” because who doesn’t love Stephen King. However, when I read this it had felt like forever since I read one of his books and I never actually read the Shining so this one was just picked up at Half Price Books at random…and I ended up loving it

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight: Technically my mom read this first then told me I would love it. But, we picked it up on a target run at whim so I’m still counting it.

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson: Got this from Santa many moons ago because as my dad put it “I like nature and shit”

The Help by Kathryn Stockett: Another random target trip right when this book came out.

Up to This Pointe by Jennifer Longo: This was a book that caught my eye when I was scanning new releases and the cover art looked so adorable I picked it up from the library.

The Year We Fell Apart by Emily Martin: One I actually had been wanting read for awhile because I saw it on a new release list and fell in love with the summary.

Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler: Another random target trip…I have a problem.

The Flood Girls by Richard Fifield: Found this by chance in the new releases section in my library and how can anyone turn down a book about small towns and softball.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Ed Tarkington: Once again, one I had been wanting to read because I saw it on a new release list and the summary looked like a total “me” book.

Villa America by Liza Klaussmann: Randomly walking through Barnes&Noble for the win!


10 thoughts on “Ten Books I Bought on a Whim

  1. Sarah's Book Shelves says:

    I really enjoyed Reconstructing Amelia (and her latest Where They Found Her)! AND – I’m so glad to see Shotgun Lovesongs and Only Love Can Break Your Heart on this list!! I loved both of those and feel like they didn’t get the attention they deserved!


  2. lindseyhabets says:

    I also very rarely buy books based on a whim – I usually research them first and read reviews until I’m convinced I will love them. And that’s a pity because I think I’m missing out on some great books that way! But I love your list – it’s inspiring me to go out and buy on a whim more often 🙂


  3. Deborah @Hills of Books says:

    I have only come across a few of these (woops!).
    I totally know what you mean, I used to just walk into a bookstore and pick books randomly off the shelf, then find a corner and read the first page or so trying to reduce my to-buy pile down to a realistic size. Where-as now I rarely do this and instead look at the books from my twitter feed, amazon recommendations, goodreads recommendations and what the bloggers I follow have read recently.


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