Ten Bookworm Delights


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Week’s Topic is Ten Bookworm Delights.

Here’s my short-list of everything I’ve come to love about books.

  • That used bookstore smell. It just smells so pretty and old without being musty and gross. My favorite candle to recreate it at all times is Frostbeard candles on etsy.


  • Old bookstores also mean book sales, or really just any booksale. The best for me is when you’re looking for a book and finally find it and everything is right in the world.


  • Or when a book you’ve been waiting forever to read, but don’t want to commit to buying, is finally at the library. Shoutout to finally getting off of the waitlist for The Serpent King and falling in love with it and buying it anyway.


  • When you lose all of your bookmarks and spend a year dog-earing pages like some sort of monster and finally get a new one shoved in a book at christmastime that renews your love for physical bookmarks. I’ve also been obsessing over cute ones on etsy like this one and this one.


  • What I’ve come to love most about blogging is getting to interact with so many different people with insanely different and similar tastes than me. It’s been great to get recommendations for books I would never even know to pick up otherwise. My favorite though is when you meet a person with the same weird obsession in a book or author as me and we can just geek out together and become book soul mates.


  • Rainy day, soft blanket, book…enough said



  • Opposite of that. Summer reading. I love being able to  just sit outside on a summer day and read and get tan and drink tea and not be bothered by anyone 



  • Staying up until 2am to finish a book and knowing it was worth it


  • Give your friend a recommendation and having them love it as much as you do. Lately that’s been Bernadette and After You 


  • And finally, books that are so-so when I read them but look really pretty on my shelf because the cover art is so, wow.


11 thoughts on “Ten Bookworm Delights

  1. lindseyhabets says:

    Great list, I totally agree with all of these! Especially rainy day reading, beach day reading, old book store smells and staying up late to finish a good book (because when I give up sleep, then I know it’s a GOOD book 🙂 )


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