8 Books to Read Because It’s Opening Day*

So my beloved Cubs are starting their season today against the Angels so I thought it’d be fun to kick off baseball season (aka the best season) with some fun baseball themed reads. So if you’re just as excited about Opening Day and Baseball and all things Summer, here’s a list of books to get you in the perfect mood, unless you’ve already had your obligatory yearly viewing of Field of Dreams and Bull Durham.


rizzo pie.gif

This is the book I am currently reading and it’s hilarious and one of the more modern baseball books on this list. It’s just altogether enjoyable and fun road trip book that makes me really want to hop in my car and drive.


Obligatory Field of Dreams reference


It’s the movie without Brad Pitt. That’s pretty much it. I do like the examination of how the landscape of baseball is changing though if you’re interested in that.


I think this book is near the top for me because it’s about so more than baseball. Anybody can relate and in John Grisham is able to work his magic the same way he gets you addicted to legal thrillers.


Full disclosure – this is not the best book I’m listing by far, but it is enjoyable and a pretty good look at middle america. The reason I include it is because I’ve been to Lumberking games and so it’s just kind of fun for me on that level.


It’s Hoosiers for baseball and way less uptight if that makes any sense at all.


Okay okay, hear me out on this one. I despise Barry Bonds, I read this and still hate him but it’s still a neat glimpse at what is. The book paints an excellent picture of Bonds and both bashes the steroid use while still remarking at the incredible things he did throughout his 20 year career. I read this book as a 16 year old girl and loved it which says something I think.


This is a book about baseball for people who love baseball and if that’s you this book will leave you feeling happy. It’s not one of those books that tries to examine society and human nature through the changes of our athletes but rather it’s just about some kids, playing their hearts out and your just happy for them. Also whenever I think of Cape Cod I think of Freddie Prince Jr for some inexplicable reason and my heart is happy.



What team are you rooting for this summer? Can we even still be friends, or like my lovely boyfriend do you just ignore sports and me whenever I talk about them?



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