Life Lately: March 2016

So March is finally over and I’m so excited because April means Spring and no snow (hopefully). Sigh, it’s supposed to snow/ice/rain water thing this weekend and I am not looking forward to it. I’ve already put my winter coat in the back of my closet so I’m living in my fantasy Spring world and I’m completely okay with that.

March was a crazy busy month at work so I didn’t get much reading or posting or really anything in but hopefully it clears up soon because so many fun plans in April and May. So besides work and work here’s everything that March has been filled with.

Jumping on the Hamilton bandwagon. Okay so this was more of a January/February thing but I will never stop trying to convert as many people into listening to this cast album as I can. It’s on Spotify in case you were wondering and has some great workout songs that are totally not embarrassing to hum along to yourself during your warm-up while everyone stares at you like some monster.


Re-Watching House of Cards. I finished the current season immediately and realized I wasn’t remembering stuff from season 1. I’ve decided now is the perfect time to re-watch. I’m also making Matt watch with me because he hasn’t seen it and I just can’t let that go on.


Listening to the Bitch-Sesh podcast. If you like the Real Housewives or even just Casey Wilson and XXX then this podcast is for you. They talk for an hour about the newest episode of BH but they’re going to switch over to NY soon since rhobh has been such a disappointment this season.








Hiking finally during the first nice weekend in March. I made Matt go with me (that’s usually how most of our activities start) and we just did a short hike in a local state park and had a picnic (that was actually his idea, yay). I’m hoping when it warms up we can get out more to some areas that are a little farther away and camp too. <I’m also on the hunt for a new pair of hiking sandals so if anyone has any intense thoughts on their ride-or-die brands let me know>


Planning a trip with my best friend and her boyfriend to the dells. Not the most exciting place but whatevs. It’ll be an easy weekend away. Plus indoor swimming and drinking makes any weekend a good weekend


So what has everyone else been up too? Are you as excited about Spring as I am or do you live in one of those magical places where it rarely snows and is seldom below 50 degrees?



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