Ten Of My Most Debbie Downer Reads


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This Week’s Topic is Ten Books I Read Lately that were Bummers and I’m going to share that bummer energy with you and let you disagree with me 🙂

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To clarify disappointed does not necessarily mean hate. Most of these books were decent books and ones that I would read again, they just were underwhelming compared to my expectations. Plus this is kind of fun because I am constantly shoving books I love down everybody’s throat so it’s fun to talk about ones I never bring up because they were just an “eh” for me. These are the “eh” books (da dum)


This was just not the book for me. It just felt like it was trying so hard to be poignant and different that is felt so pretentious. I think this one just had my expectations so high that nothing was going to meet them but this didn’t even come close.


Immature high school boys are just characters I don’t relate to and don’t enjoy as much. When they’re in the context of the story GREAT, when they are the story…

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I think this book was just different than I expected so it left me feeling blah. Not good or bad just *shoulder shrug*


Mim and this book wanted to be quirky so bad that I hate myself for using the term “quirky.”


Another case of a book that is trying way to hard (I know that phrase sucks for the vagueness). Instead of being a complex revenge motivated main character. We get a cold one-dimensional robot alien type person. I love unlikeable narrators but I have to believe where they are coming from and I just didn’t believe anything about Ani enough to care.

This is the case of some unattainable expectations, Anna and the French Kiss was probably my favorite YA book that I read last year. So following it up with Anna’s slightly annoying younger sister was probably not my best decision. Maybe one day I’ll give this book another shot.


I didn’t even finish this book. I love Emily Giffin and devour most of her books. This one though. My friend described it to me as, “Remember the Titans without any of the deeper issues and if Hayden Panettierre’s character was an adult who decided to get with her friends dad, Coach Boone.” That description has more detail than this book.


Never say a book is the “Next X,” it never is and hearts break everywhere.


This is fundamentally an ohkay novel and if you like Klosterman already then by all means try it, but I spent the entire novel wishing it would just end. It’s always a pity when your favorite author rights a book that you don’t love and borderline hate out of boredom.


I gave this book a 4 on goodreads. I don’t remember because looking back it is definitely a 2-3 in my mind but whatever, I liked it more at one point maybe. The main character in this one felt like he wanted acceptance so bad when all I wanted was for him to flip everyone off and ride out of town to live an infinitely better life.


Were you also let down by any of these books or are any of them ones I should give another shot? Let me know in the comments 🙂



15 thoughts on “Ten Of My Most Debbie Downer Reads

    • Bri says:

      Yeah Lola for me just seemed like every annoying thing I could look past and ignore in Anna amplified. And yes! I never even made it through the whole thing, I got halfway through before I was so annoyed and skipped to the end lol


  1. Sarah's Book Shelves says:

    Totally agree about “the next X”…especially the next Gone Girl!! I thought Girl on the Train was decent, but nowhere near GG for me!
    I also really liked We Were Liars when I read it, but then I read Bittersweet right afterwards and liked that much better!


    • Bri says:

      Oh i hadn’t heard of bittersweet, I’ll have to give it a shot because I actually liked the style and flow of the book, I just couldn’t get behind any character.


  2. alicerosesimmons says:

    Great list, even if I do acutally quite like a number of these! Lola and The Boy Next Door is actually my favourite book from the series, and I also really enjoyed We Were Liars, but I do understand that it might not be for everyone. I do have to agree with The Girl on the Train though – I was expecting so much more, and could easily guess the culprit from the start!
    My TTT


    • Bri says:

      Oh yeah totally and I didn’t not like Lola as much as I just had such high expectations for it, I waited awhile before I read isla then and I think that helped. And yes that book annoyed me so much because I just wanted to yell at everyone who praised it like some weirdo lol


  3. Jen @ BookLoversAlliance says:

    Totally agree with you about Luckiest Girl Alive. I found Ani to be the hardest unlikable character to like and I just couldn’t. I also didn’t think it was particularly shocking like I expected it to be.. more like depressing since bad things were happening and there was nothing to balance it because I didn’t really care for Ani. Definitely not my cup of tea! Love your spin on this week’s topic by the way!


    • Bri says:

      Oh I definitely agree with the depressing aspect. I kept waiting for some huge shock that never came. I think it also didn’t help how detached she was from everything, there were so many serious sad things that were never really explored at all.


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