Spring Cleaning: The Dreaded Closet

It’s officially Spring so it is my Spring Cleaning time. Or also referred to as “the cleaning I am finally getting to because I put it off the entire previous year.” So I thought it would be fun to document my cleaning efforts and the inevitable failure in a new series I’m calling Spring Cleaning Saturdays because everyone loves some good alliteration.

Confession time: I may or may not headed down the path of being a a TLC breakout sensation after my future episode of hoarders. Matt likes to say I will probably die in a pile of my clothes and makeup samples. I laugh like it’s a joke, he’s not kidding. So being a twenty-three year old functioning person who is paid to adult, I decided it was time to purge my closet.


To give some context, the last time I did this was in junior high. My parents finally got annoyed with me buying the same shirt in different, and in some cases the same, color to avoid washing clothes that they too it upon themselves to initiate organization. When my 13 year-old-self came home from the mall one night all my clothes were in the living rooms and my dad they had to approve everything I kept. It was hell but also probably for my benefit…I’m definitely not still bitter though at all.

Well it’s time again for that kind of hardass(ness) in terms of clothes. I still have clothes from high school and they should definitely not be worn by my post-college no longer 16 self. So this is my first attempt at organization. How I survived until age 23 is probably a miracle.



Yeah, that’s how gross my closet is, but it’s a good beginning point because any little progress will make it look a million times better, or so I naively hope.

I went into this with all intentions of vaguely following the KonMari method..but after probably article clothing number 2 I was bored, so I did the good fall back of taking all of my clothes out of the closet and dressers and only putting the definites and being left with an abnormally large maybe pile for my younger sister to sort through and take things while I put other items back because I am a monster. Everything left is donated or sold


Et, voila! Look at that big ol’pile of clothes that are no longer wasted space. Plus now I’ll have less Plus less regret when I go and collect all of the Spring clothes.

Does anyone else have as hard of a time cleaning as I do? Really, I’m just doing all of this because I’m too afraid of going through my bookshelf next 🙂


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