Challenge Update: Feb 2016

So it’s been about two months since I declared my challenge numbers (not that they’re super intense or difficult in any way). I think doing an update every two months (at least for my goals) is better than every month. In February I didn’t read a single Classic so my Classics Club update would be super boring and would probably get repetitive every month. Hopefully spacing out means there is some actual updates *fingers crossed*

Classics Club

Well I’ve read one on my list… This puts me a little behind schedule of reading 50 in five years but I’m not that concerned. In my head I’m going to one day just read through five of them because that’s what I’m in the mood for that month, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

If you want to find my one review, jeez just saying that makes me a little sad, you can find it here.

PopSugar Reading Challenge

Feb 2016 update

National Book Award Winner – Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman

A Book From The Library – Fishbowl by Bradley Somer

A Book About a Road Trip – Mosquitoland by David Arnold

Classic From the 20th Century – Fahrenheit 451by Ray Bradbury

A YA Best Seller – Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andres

A Book You Can Finish in a Day – Dear Commitee Member by Julie Shumacher

Self-Improvement – Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

A Book Published in 2016 – The Good Goodbye by Carla Buckley





Ive read 13 of the 40 books I said I would. I didn’t really envision myself having a hard time achieving this goal, that’s why I picked a lower number for me. But I also didn’t want to get wrapped up in the numbers and be afraid to pick up longer reads so here I am.

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

There’s no actual end date on this goal other than finishing the list so I haven’t been keeping track of it lately and by lately I mean it’s been about 6 months. That is on my to-do list and I’ll post an update when there actually is something to update 🙂


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