The Good Goodbye



The Good Goodbye – Carla Buckley

Fiction – Mystery

Published January 19th 2016 by Bantam




Initial Thoughts

So I’m still up in the air about how I feel about this book. It definitely dragged in spots for me, but as a testament to how good Buckley’s writing is I still felt the need to finish it. Overall, this book was definitely not my favorite but I will give another one of Buckley’s books a try.

So What’s It About

Two adult brothers both have families in D.C and 18 year-old daughters who are roommates their freshman year of college. Rory, the self-proclaimed leader always had Arden looking up to her. Due to finance, the girls are forced to go to a local college in Maryland instead of their dream schools. The main conflict of the story is there is an unexplained fire in the girl’s dorm building that leaves them critically injured and another student dead. Tensions between the parents are already at an all-time and having all four of the in the waiting room brings certain truths to light.

The story is told in past and present tense from Arden and Rory’s perspective, as well the present perspective of Arden’s mother, Natalie, as she sits in the hospital. As the perspectives begin to tell the story of what really happened the night of the fire, we get to see the disconnect between how everyone views the girls and who they really are.


I want to start by saying I found this book really readable but it just always felt like something was missing. I could not connect with a single character’s  motives and just never felt immersed or like how I had a stake in how the story ended. Really, my biggest problem came from not being able to not suspend disbelief enough to understand the central conflict of the story. The girls have dreams of going to Harvard and an art school in California. When their parents face financial issues they are forced to go to the local state school for a year. I just can’t with this. Loans are a thing most people do or you know state school is still expensive. I just think if I had a dream school and all of a sudden it’s a no-go you figure it out yourself or you suck it up until your parents can help.

Besides this issue it definitely qualifies as a good, light read. I definitely recommend this for the enjoyment factor, but I had so many little issues with this book that didn’t make it perfect for me.


No, it was a solid 3 out of 5 for me.


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