Challenge Update: Feb 2016

So it’s been about two months since I declared my challenge numbers (not that they’re super intense or difficult in any way). I think doing an update every two months (at least for my goals) is better than every month. In February I didn’t read a single Classic so my Classics Club update would be super boring and would probably get repetitive every month. Hopefully spacing out means there is some actual updates *fingers crossed*

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Classics Club: Fahrenheit 451

Yay my first book towards my Classic Club Challenge. For those who aren’t familiar, The Classics Club is a challenge to pick classics (at least 50) and read them all over the next 5 years. For those who read my initial list you know it’s more of a “books I always wanted to read or re-read.” Most of my list is re-reads of books I either loved as a kid or want to re-visit, books I was supposed to read, and books that I love the author and want to experience more of their work. The plan is to have my list of 50 all read by December 28, 2020.



Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury





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