Life Lately: January 2016

So it’s finally Thursday and that means tomorrow I am heading to South Carolina for a lil’ relaxation. If you can’t tell I am super excited to go someplace where the high for the day is not in the teens. So besides packing and sleeping and boring old work, here is pretty much what my January has been filled with.

Obsessing over Dollhouse. How I missed this show when it was on the air is beyond me because it is everything I love tied up in a pretty ribbon. I’m now making Matt watch it for the first time so we can obsess together, although I suspect he is just redaing episode guides to appease me.

Catching Up on Veep. Dan and Jonah just make my heart so happy 


Purchasing all of the Colourpop products. I finally jumped on the Colourpop train and haven’t looked back. Two eyeshadows, two lipsticks, a bronzer, and highlighter for 31 dollars was really all I needed to fall in love. Definitely worth all of the hype I kept hearing.

Eating beer cheese dip forever. Matt and I both recently discovered the glory that is beer cheese dip (because we are losers without lives) and have been perfecting our at-home recipe ever since. It really just includes all of the spices and extra beer. The best thing, besides the deliciousness, is that we eat probably a pound of it at a time while sitting on the couch watching Firefly for the millionth time. Also, I realize this makes me look extremely sad and I leave the couch for more than work, I swear.

Listening to a lot of podcasts. Right now the main one is Again With This which is the supremely catty and enjoyable ladies from Previously.TV (formerly the joy that was Television Without Pity) watching and discussing (mostly mocking) every episode of BH 90210 in order. It’s my elementary school dream. I’m also beginning to realize my parents let me watch a ton of crap and I’m completely okay with this.

So that’s what I have been up to this month. I leave for South Carolina on Friday and will be gone all week so expect sporadic posts. I have one review lined up and maybe a Top Ten Tuesday but that will probably be it.





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