Someday, Someday, Maybe


Someday, Someday, Maybe – Lauren Graham /// Adult Contemporary

So I know all of you recognized the dread I experienced when it was announced many moons ago that Lauren Graham was writing a book. You get a pit in your stomach because you just know in your gut that this is not going to end well. It never does. Thankfully, this one followed through to be exactly what I was expecting (in a good way).

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Omigod this crazy girl reads novels written by celebrities and likes them,” and to you people I say “shenanigans.” I started this book because I love chick-lit and Lauren Graham and figured what the hell, I could always go for a good beach read. I should make a note though that before I dug too far into it, I said a little prayer that it would not suck as my rose tinted glasses with anything involving Lauren Graham would be ruined.

The premise is simple. Franny is an aspiring actress in New York City who at the ripe old age of 28 has not made it big yet. She has 6months left on her 3 year plan to make it as a star before she returns home to get a regular person job, probably an English teacher. The story revolves around her as she tries to make it in those 6months. She navigates the world of auditions and boys and not having money, that world we are all oh so familiar with even if we aren’t actors. Franny is constantly being cast in the most ridiculous things because casting folks find her quirky and over the course of the book she goes from listening to those crazy people to listening to herself and being comfortable in her own skin. Really what more do people want from a beach read. It’s light and funny and never taking itself to seriously. As long as I can finish it in a day or two, I’m happy. My standards should probably be higher but oh well.

This is definitely a character driven novel, and I’m okay with that. The hard part is it is told from the narration of what is going on inside Franny’s head. So the other character’s evolutions are evolutions of how Franny perceives them. This is her world and they are  just living in it. This is something I went back and forth on if I liked it. On one hand, eh, it really is just Franny so if you don’t relate to her or find her enjoyable you’re in for a tough read. However, at 22, not quite sure what I’m doing and just going along with things I relate. I never see how my friends change when I’m not around. Even if I am around I probably am just as non-observant as Franny. This book was a good reminder for me, at this point in my life, it’s okay to be selfish and go after what you want as long as it’s what you want.

My biggest problem with this book is not really one that can be fixed. I read the entire novel thinking of the main character as Lauren Graham. Even me just describing that summary to you I bet a few of you thought “oh, yay a memoir.”  I know it’s fiction but I read it as a memoir without really trying. There were a few changes she could have tweaked to bring away the similarities. The protagonist could have not been a tall brunette in 1995 who casting people would continuously refer to as quick talking and witty, but who am I to judge.  At the end of the day though I think those changes would have made the novel not quite as good, no one likes to read about the same character we get over and over again chick-lit. Besides, I would have pictured Lorelai Gilmore anyway. At least this way I enjoyed it.

Favorite Quotes

“Once again, I’ve been thwarted by the massive difference between my vision of the successful me and the me I’m currently stuck with.” 

“And dear, if you should someday become famous, don’t write a cookbook.”

Re-readability – I’m saying yes just because now I own it and I can it. It is definitely a book to throw in my beach bag and go. If I skip parts or don’t finish it who cares, I’ve already read it.

What did you guys think of it? Was it all you expected from a good beach read or did you go in wanting to hate it because you stand by the celebrities should not write books?


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